Vegan Fare: Angels Trumpet Ale House Phoenix AZ

Angels Trumpet Ale House Collage
Notice: The rule for posting about restaurants on VegStandard is that there has to be an item on the menu that can be ordered with no alterations and it will arrive vegan.

Living in Phoenix can be a bit of a hassle when it comes to eating out as a vegan. Unlike Los Angeles, NYC, or San Francisco where it seems like a vegan restaurant is sprouting up around every corner(which is close but far from the truth). The good news is that besides the few pure vegan restaurants like Green and Loving Hut more and more places are accommodating the vegan diet.

Even better is that places that serve excellent beer are also serving vegan fare. Case in point is the newly opened Angels Trumpet Ale House. This casa de cervesas is located in downtown Phoenix on 2nd Street between McKinley and Garfield Streets. It’s a great location. A well lit and open space helps dissipate the background noise and keeps things lighthearted.
Angels Trumpet Ale House Interior
Our first trip there was unfortunately timed to occur shortly after our bikes were stolen from the movie theater. Upon arriving we totally blabbed our sob story to our server as though she were our psychiatrist. She was a good sport and got us our beers promptly. To our surprise the owners Matt and Sherri soon stopped by our table to express their condolences and give us a round of beers on the house. This was totally unnecessary but extremely cool and appreciated.

We saw that their Garden Pizza was vegan and ordered one. It was fantastic and delicious and hit the spot perfectly. The crust was nice and light and the sauce was a roasted red pepper/tomato concoction. For toppings they use fingerling potatoes, green beans, yellow squash, and zucchini. Being the greedy bastard I am I would love to see more veggies and will be sure to ask the next time I go.
Angels Trumpet Ale House Garden Pizza
If you live in Phoenix or are visiting be sure to stop by Angels Trumpet Ale House and get the Garden pizza. Oh yeah they serve beers. You could try some of those too.

Angels Trumpet Ale House Mojo Nitro IPA

Angels Trumpet Ale House Rasputin Nitro