Vegan in Columbus Ohio

I visit Columbus occasionally as its where my mom lives. Last time I was there I emailed the editor of Columbus Alive, Justin Mcintosh, about where he likes to eat as a vegan in Columbus. This is the email he responded to me with:

Subject: Re: Columbus vegan recommendations

Hey Roger,

I can definitely give you some recommendations.

Hal & Al's is an all vegan pub with pizza, tacos, BBQ burgers, fried sauerk=
raut balls, etc and some great beer. Prob my most frequented restaurant.

Whole World(Yelp link as their site was down) is all vegetarian and has good soups and sandwiches.

Banana Leaf is a vegetarian Indian restaurant with plenty of vegan choices.

Dirty Franks has vegan brats and dogs in about 20 different ways.

North Star has perhaps the best veggie burger in the country. It's pretty i=

Til is a nicer, classier restaurant that used to be all vegan. It's now omn=
i but with plenty of vegan options.

Pattycake has the best vegan cupcakes, muffins, and cookies.

Betty's, Surly Girl and Tip Top are three fun restaurants/bars owned by the=
 same people. Betty's has great vegan quesadillas and Tip Top has a great v=
egan Philly cheesesteak and eggplant fries.

Loving Hut, about 15-20 min outside Cbus, is all vegan. A lot of raw option=
s. Owned by that cult of vegans out west that's a quasi religion.

Hal and Al's (Sat and Sun) and Whole World (Sun) both have vegan brunches w=
hile Sunny St Cafe has one on Saturdays.

Let me know if you need anything else.


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On Oct 7, 2012, at 7:41 PM, "Roger Williams" <> wro=

> Hi Justin,
> I just read that you are a vegan. My wife and I are visiting from
> columbus with my mom and step dad who live in Worthington.
> I was wondering if you have a list of places you like to eat at in the ar=
> Sincerely,
> --
> Roger Williams
> 602-380-2692

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