NYTimes: Can You Get Too Much Protein?

Do you ever get asked about if you are eating enough protein?
> But Mr. White, like many dietitians, said he recommended eating whole foods, rather than supplements. If you’re looking for alternatives to raise your smoothie’s protein content, for example, he suggested protein-rich foods like yogurt and peanut butter.

> “Nothing beats real food,” Mr. White said. “With many supplements, you just don’t know exactly what you’re getting.”
[NYTimes: Can You Get Too Much Protein?](http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/06/well/eat/can-you-get-too-much-protein.html)

Getting Green with Cilantro Chives Salad Dressing

kates super salad green dressing

kates super salad green dressingSalad dressings seem to be one of those things in the kitchen that everyone has been convinced that we need to buy from a store. For one reason or another we are overwhelmed by the notion of creating our own dressing. It might be the convenience of over paying for a few ingredients that have been blended together, or it might be the complexity of flavors that we are uncertain of recreating at home.

Whatever the reason I am here to tell you to stop buying salad dressing, now! First of all you are overpaying, second you are getting a lot of unhealthy ingredients, and third you are missing out on truly great flavor. This salad dressing will go with any greens based salad that you might put any creamy dressing on.


Took my Chevre to the levy but the levy was dry

vegan aged chevre herbes de provence

vegan aged chevre herbes de provenceNot that it needs much repeating but I do love the taste of cheese. When I got this months issue of VegNews and they had 6 different cheese recipes I knew I was going to end up making them all. This one is a take on goats cheese that I have to say is pretty spot on. It is a little more advanced than the cream cheese recipe but only one step more.

Making the rejuvelac is definitely a pain the butt so you may want to see if you can just buy some at the health food store. Rejuvelac is a fermented liquid made from soaking sprouted grains for a day or two. I used brown rice since thats what I had in the house and it took a long time to get them to sprout. Once they did though the rejuvelac came about in just a day or two and the rest was pretty easy to get done.


Hemp Seed Dukka from Norwich UK

This recipe comes from an old schoolmate of mine Mat Brown. I met Mat when I was in England for my third year of university as an exchange student. There was a rulebook of all the things that would get me expelled from the program and Mat and I made sure we checked off each and every item. Mat is even more of a computer geek than me and has a cool site called Beautiful Computers dot CO dot U K, go check it out and buy stuff!

Anyway Mat is not vegan, yet, but he is a hell of a chef and thought this Dukka recipe, which is vegan, would go nicely with my Whole Wheat Bread.


Hangover is so over, Juice

hair of the watermelon juice - hangover cure

hair of the watermelon juice - hangover cureI like to have a good time and many times that involves alcoholic beverages. Sometimes the good times spilleth over and the next day I have what is known as a hangover. Its not a point of pride just a point of fact. Today happened to be a day where the hangover decided to hangout all damn day.

So I searched the Googles and found a helpful concoction by Heather at Blend Happy. Now I love the enthusiasm Heather has here but for a hangover post I prefer to speak softly since most people here probably have a bit of a headache. Turns out I have watermelon and cucumber so I created my own version and have to say I am feeling much better.


Vegan Cream Ch-easy

vegan cream cheese in a bowl

vegan cream cheese in a bowlI grew up in my mom’s deli store called The Cheese Shop of Vail. So I have had an intimate experience with cheese since I can remember. Going vegan meant that I would have to give that up, or so I thought. Over the years I have had some really great vegan cheese, usually at a vegan restaurant. Then I got the cheese issue from VegNews and things took a nice turn, I am now making a variety of cheeses that are relatively healthy and delicious.

This recipe is really easy and I recommend it before you try making any other vegan cheeses. In relation to regular cow milk cream cheese the flavor is pretty much the same. You will get 60 more calories per serving with the Cashew Cheese. There are 2 grams more fat but its mostly the uber healthy monounsaturated fat which you need more of anyway. There is no cholesterol in the Cashew Cheese, the sodium is almost a third lower, and you get 6 grams of protein as opposed to the cow milk version which only has 2! So now you can tell people where you be getting your protein from!


Gluten Free Vegan Pizza with Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

Who doesn’t love pizza? Its food laid bare for all the senses to experience: sight, smell, taste, touch. However if you have a gluten intolerance it can be a painful experience to eat a regular wheat flour pizza. Kate and I dont have an allergies that we know of to Gluten but wanted to give a Gluten Free pizza a try. Plus I had recently made some Vegan Bufala Mozzarella and this was a perfect excuse to eat some up!


Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

I know what you are thinking: How can you make vegan cheese? Don’t we have to force cows into yearly pregnancies and then separate them from their child so that we can pump them for all the milk we can consume?

No you don’t. You can have the taste and texture of cheese without having to harm any animals. Let me tell you how.