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Veg Standard Vegan Breakfast Smoothie Galore
Veg Standard Vegan Breakfast Smoothie Galore


Morning time is breakfast time. My favorite breakfast is a smoothie as they are quick, easy, and full of everything my mom always said I should eat. Obviously you need to have a blender to make a smoothie and just about any will do. However I suggest making an investment in this particular appliance as you may be like me a use it multiple times a day. I have burned through a few blenders and always knew I needed to step it up and get a Vitamix(yes this is an affiliate code, if you buy one after clicking here I get some bread, and I like bread, you dig?). Yes $400+ for a blender is a lot when compared to other blanders, but how about compared to your stove? Anyway thats my sales pitch today back to breakfast.
Over the years my breakfast smoothie has evolved considerably. When I first started as a vegetarian a few years back I discovered a few posts from Steve Pavlina and learned about banana and spinach smoothies. Personally I love these things but my wife is not such a fan. They are green and taste somewhat bland which apparently is not everyones favorite flavor
So I evolved and started adding a few different ingredients to help round out the flavor profile and balance the sugar level. Today I have a base of ingredients that make up most of my smoothies and then I will add whatever I like or whats around. The recipe I made today is pretty typical but I totally spaced the half an orange!
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