Vegan in Columbus Ohio

I visit Columbus occasionally as its where my mom lives. Last time I was there I emailed the editor of Columbus Alive, Justin Mcintosh, about where he likes to eat as a vegan in Columbus. This is the email he responded to me with:

Subject: Re: Columbus vegan recommendations

Hey Roger,

I can definitely give you some recommendations.

Hal & Al's is an all vegan pub with pizza, tacos, BBQ burgers, fried sauerk=
raut balls, etc and some great beer. Prob my most frequented restaurant.

Whole World(Yelp link as their site was down) is all vegetarian and has good soups and sandwiches.

Banana Leaf is a vegetarian Indian restaurant with plenty of vegan choices.

Dirty Franks has vegan brats and dogs in about 20 different ways.

North Star has perhaps the best veggie burger in the country. It's pretty i=

Til is a nicer, classier restaurant that used to be all vegan. It's now omn=
i but with plenty of vegan options.

Pattycake has the best vegan cupcakes, muffins, and cookies.

Betty's, Surly Girl and Tip Top are three fun restaurants/bars owned by the=
 same people. Betty's has great vegan quesadillas and Tip Top has a great v=
egan Philly cheesesteak and eggplant fries.

Loving Hut, about 15-20 min outside Cbus, is all vegan. A lot of raw option=
s. Owned by that cult of vegans out west that's a quasi religion.

Hal and Al's (Sat and Sun) and Whole World (Sun) both have vegan brunches w=
hile Sunny St Cafe has one on Saturdays.

Let me know if you need anything else.


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On Oct 7, 2012, at 7:41 PM, "Roger Williams" <> wro=

> Hi Justin,
> I just read that you are a vegan. My wife and I are visiting from
> columbus with my mom and step dad who live in Worthington.
> I was wondering if you have a list of places you like to eat at in the ar=
> Sincerely,
> --
> Roger Williams
> 602-380-2692

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NYTimes: Can You Get Too Much Protein?

Do you ever get asked about if you are eating enough protein?
> But Mr. White, like many dietitians, said he recommended eating whole foods, rather than supplements. If you’re looking for alternatives to raise your smoothie’s protein content, for example, he suggested protein-rich foods like yogurt and peanut butter.

> “Nothing beats real food,” Mr. White said. “With many supplements, you just don’t know exactly what you’re getting.”
[NYTimes: Can You Get Too Much Protein?](

Getting Green with Cilantro Chives Salad Dressing

kates super salad green dressing

kates super salad green dressingSalad dressings seem to be one of those things in the kitchen that everyone has been convinced that we need to buy from a store. For one reason or another we are overwhelmed by the notion of creating our own dressing. It might be the convenience of over paying for a few ingredients that have been blended together, or it might be the complexity of flavors that we are uncertain of recreating at home.

Whatever the reason I am here to tell you to stop buying salad dressing, now! First of all you are overpaying, second you are getting a lot of unhealthy ingredients, and third you are missing out on truly great flavor. This salad dressing will go with any greens based salad that you might put any creamy dressing on.


Vegan Fare: Angels Trumpet Ale House Phoenix AZ

Angels Trumpet Ale House Collage

Angels Trumpet Ale House Collage
Notice: The rule for posting about restaurants on VegStandard is that there has to be an item on the menu that can be ordered with no alterations and it will arrive vegan.

Living in Phoenix can be a bit of a hassle when it comes to eating out as a vegan. Unlike Los Angeles, NYC, or San Francisco where it seems like a vegan restaurant is sprouting up around every corner(which is close but far from the truth). The good news is that besides the few pure vegan restaurants like Green and Loving Hut more and more places are accommodating the vegan diet.

Even better is that places that serve excellent beer are also serving vegan fare. Case in point is the newly opened Angels Trumpet Ale House. This casa de cervesas is located in downtown Phoenix on 2nd Street between McKinley and Garfield Streets. It’s a great location. A well lit and open space helps dissipate the background noise and keeps things lighthearted.
Angels Trumpet Ale House Interior
Our first trip there was unfortunately timed to occur shortly after our bikes were stolen from the movie theater. Upon arriving we totally blabbed our sob story to our server as though she were our psychiatrist. She was a good sport and got us our beers promptly. To our surprise the owners Matt and Sherri soon stopped by our table to express their condolences and give us a round of beers on the house. This was totally unnecessary but extremely cool and appreciated.

We saw that their Garden Pizza was vegan and ordered one. It was fantastic and delicious and hit the spot perfectly. The crust was nice and light and the sauce was a roasted red pepper/tomato concoction. For toppings they use fingerling potatoes, green beans, yellow squash, and zucchini. Being the greedy bastard I am I would love to see more veggies and will be sure to ask the next time I go.
Angels Trumpet Ale House Garden Pizza
If you live in Phoenix or are visiting be sure to stop by Angels Trumpet Ale House and get the Garden pizza. Oh yeah they serve beers. You could try some of those too.

Angels Trumpet Ale House Mojo Nitro IPA

Angels Trumpet Ale House Rasputin Nitro

Took my Chevre to the levy but the levy was dry

vegan aged chevre herbes de provence

vegan aged chevre herbes de provenceNot that it needs much repeating but I do love the taste of cheese. When I got this months issue of VegNews and they had 6 different cheese recipes I knew I was going to end up making them all. This one is a take on goats cheese that I have to say is pretty spot on. It is a little more advanced than the cream cheese recipe but only one step more.

Making the rejuvelac is definitely a pain the butt so you may want to see if you can just buy some at the health food store. Rejuvelac is a fermented liquid made from soaking sprouted grains for a day or two. I used brown rice since thats what I had in the house and it took a long time to get them to sprout. Once they did though the rejuvelac came about in just a day or two and the rest was pretty easy to get done.


Hemp Seed Dukka from Norwich UK

This recipe comes from an old schoolmate of mine Mat Brown. I met Mat when I was in England for my third year of university as an exchange student. There was a rulebook of all the things that would get me expelled from the program and Mat and I made sure we checked off each and every item. Mat is even more of a computer geek than me and has a cool site called Beautiful Computers dot CO dot U K, go check it out and buy stuff!

Anyway Mat is not vegan, yet, but he is a hell of a chef and thought this Dukka recipe, which is vegan, would go nicely with my Whole Wheat Bread.


Hangover is so over, Juice

hair of the watermelon juice - hangover cure

hair of the watermelon juice - hangover cureI like to have a good time and many times that involves alcoholic beverages. Sometimes the good times spilleth over and the next day I have what is known as a hangover. Its not a point of pride just a point of fact. Today happened to be a day where the hangover decided to hangout all damn day.

So I searched the Googles and found a helpful concoction by Heather at Blend Happy. Now I love the enthusiasm Heather has here but for a hangover post I prefer to speak softly since most people here probably have a bit of a headache. Turns out I have watermelon and cucumber so I created my own version and have to say I am feeling much better.